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Specialized on sustainable cork and rubber solutions for the construction industry

The best multipurpose finish for maintenance and new construction projects: sustainable, aesthetic, insulating and durable.

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Our product

It is a mixture of selected cork particles with different types of water- based resins, mineral fillers, stabilizers, and additives.

  • Decorate exterior and interior facades

  • Rehabilitates and renovates walls in bad condition (mold and humidity).

  • Renovates and protects roofs. Encapsulates old asbestos cement roofs.

Spray Cork Application

  • Adhesion on all types of surfaces: bricks, wood, plaster, metal, coating systems, synthetic materials.

  • Coats thermo-acoustic insulation systems (EIFS)

  • It can be applied on new or existing surfaces.

Why Cork?

Manufacture and solutions in cork for Construction

Cork is the bark that cover oak tree against the extreme conditions of the mediterranean climate, such as drought, high and low temperatures and fires.

Composition is mainly air 0%

Completely ecological 0%

Low water content 0%

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Construction project national and international with our product

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